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This treatment is completely safe, and involves applying very low current frequencies directly to the brain with electrodes placed on the head.

Brain Well-Being offers IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback (MCN) services to adults, children, athletes, military personnel & first responders.
It is safe and effective, non-drug brain training, that refreshes or “reboots” the brain with a tiny pulsating current.
MCN is used by people who have suffered from concussions, endure high levels of stress, athletic and academic performance demands, long hours and not much time or ability to recover.
Clients report a better ability to “stay in the zone” in the face of mounting pressure. Micro Current Neurofeedback helps with focus, creativity, headaches, sleep, and feelings of calm. Why so many benefits?

85% of people who use MCN report immediate relief of symptoms after 3 sessions

Brain Well-Being is focused on restoring health and improving the quality of life for our patients
We believe that the conditions like depression, anxiety, chronic pain and many other symtoms start at the brain.
We can help get your life back on track

Micro Current Neurofeedback
A Physicians Perspective

By Wallace Taylor, MD

MIcro Current Neurofeedback

Sessions with MCN help in many ways

because the brain when refreshed or “re-booted”, corrects and imbalances and improves functioning.

What we believe

We believe that neurological conditions like

depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD, PTSD, and insomnia all start in the BRAIN. We focus on the root of the problem

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